Athletic Vinyl

Supplying Vinyl for The Athletic Industry

Value Vinyls is the premiere supplier of industrial PVC for athletic vinyl. We produce PVC laminated and coated reinforced vinyl fabrics for every athletic application. Our athletic PVC vinyl is designed to be durable and they are available in many different colors and embosses. These products are treated against UV and mildew, assuring your products can withstand adverse weather conditions.

Additionally, we offer PVC athletic vinyl options that are fire retardant and CPSIA (6P) certified, have no detection of DnHP (7P), contain the lowest levels of lead on the market, and are phthalate-free, guaranteeing they are safe for children.

Day 66 / 365 (#432) 23mm @ f/2.8, ISO800 1/15s    Hibbing HSImpact 19 CPSIA Vinyl (6P) for Wall Pads and Gym Mats from Value Vinyls

Our Line of Athletic Vinyl:
Advantage 18 oz
Advantage 20 oz

Advantage 26 oz
Advantage MVP 18 oz
Advantage MVP 18 oz Fire-Retrdant (FR)

Advantage Sportiva 18 oz – CPSIA
Champion MVP 14 oz – CPSIA
Crosscourt Windscreen 12 oz
EverGRIP 22
Impact 16 oz – CPSIA
Impact 19 oz – CPSIA
Odyssey 13 oz
Soluna Wall Pad 19 oz
Suplex 24 oz
Triumph 10 oz
Victory 18 oz – CPSIA
Victory 22 oz
X Mesh 12 oz