Kevin Boeck is Value Vinyls’ Warehouse Manager with a tenacious attitude that gives him the drive and persistence to always work toward perfection. Kevin’s background comes from the Oilfield industry where providing support was a critical on-time requirement and the demand was now to avoid costly shut downs. He knows the meaning of urgent and the importance of time. Kevin manages 6 distribution warehouses for Value Vinyls across the US and Canada, representing over 250,000 square feet of space and exceeding well over one million yards of stocked inventory. Boeck is quick to comment on this task saying, “we can handle the necessary demands our customers have come to expect”. With specializing in expedited shipment and timely deliveries, Kevin has a work background of on-time results, making his work ethic the right formula for meeting if not exceeding customer service demands. Kevin has the same expectations from his warehouse support team. As Kevin puts it, “Striving to meet our customer’s needs is priority one with how my team and I conduct business and with my team’s attention to detail, our customers will benefit from the correct stock being available and the accurate filling of orders”. Kevin also has a strong history of working directly with trucking companies, negotiating the best possible rates which allows Value Vinyls to provide the least expense in freight costs, yet highest quality service when shipping with us. Known for his outstanding customer relations, Kevin is always available to visit directly with our valued customers. We are proud to have Kevin Boeck as our Warehouse Manager, a true Pro for Value Vinyls!

Building Wraps are BIG BUSINESS!

Tuesday, 18 April 2017 by

When it comes to billboard style advertising, Building Wraps have become a popular way of plastering a colorful graphic with a good message on the side of a tall building. This is mega marketing at its best! Advertising by way of Building Wraps have become big business and it speaks for itself all over the country, especially in larger metropolitan cities. These amazingly vivid works of art can be looked at in one aspect as advertisements that transition a space on the side of a building into a marketing device which not only will grab one’s attention, but results in generating sales. Building Wraps are also used to mask construction sites where building renovations are being done, even to show the new architectural design of how the building will look by printing a representation of it on the Building Wrap itself. Building Wraps can be customized to cover most any shape structure. They can also be custom fit to hide scaffolding that is set up in front of a building. Building codes must be addressed when putting up a Building Wrap and because this type of signage is temporary, compliance with city codes are usually not as time consuming with fewer permit approvals compared to permanent signs. Using the right material for Building Wraps will make a big difference with the durability of the fabric and the print quality of the graphics that are displayed. Using a printable mesh with anywhere from 35% to 40% air flow will allow normal wind conditions to blow through adequately, which can mean the difference of the material holding up or becoming tattered and torn due to wind whip. Value Vinyls offers RIO 9 oz. Mesh Supreme that will provide beautiful eye catching graphics, yet durable for outdoor use in vigorous weather conditions and has adequate air flow for holding up in normal to turbulent winds. RIO 9 oz. Mesh Supreme has proven itself many times over, displaying beautiful artwork and brand messaging on skyscrapers and other city tower buildings across the country. Known projects up to 11,000 square feet have been done with RIO 9 oz. Mesh Supreme. RIO 9 oz. Mesh Supreme has superior digital printability using solvent, UV or Latex Inks and is available with a film liner for large format printers that require a backing. RIO 9 oz. comes in several roll widths including a 196” width to accommodate for large building surface areas with fewer weld seams. So if you are currently printing Building Wraps or you have a grand format printer and are possibly looking to start, Value Vinyls is your trusted source! Contact us for more information and a printable sample. We are here to help. Contact us at or call 877-716-6651

By: Marc Shellshear / Dr. Shade Typical testing for shade cloth is as important as the fabric itself! The reason is evident; when you spend the time and money to build an expensive structure that holds the shade cloth itself, you want the fabric to withstand all elements. In this article, we are going to discuss typical testing for commercial shade cloth. There are several tests that are considered standard tests. Australia leads the globe in shade cloth protection so their standards are the benchmark for testing shade cloth, most companies test to Australian standards. Value Vinyls is the sole distributor and stocks a full color line of Monotec 370 Shade Cloth, manufactured in Australia. First is a simple test used to determine the weight of the fabric however, weight doesn’t always equate to strength. There are many fabrics in the market that are lighter than others, but still out perform in the field of overall strength. It has everything to do with the way in which they are knitted. Monotec 370 shade cloth is one of the highest in weight and later in this article I will discuss the strength factors. The test standard for this test is AS2001.2.13 Next is a breaking force test; because knitted fabrics are opposite of woven fabrics, the warp yarns are traditionally the weaker of the two yarns. Breaking force tests are performed in both the warp and weft directions of the fabric. The Monotec shade cloth outperforms other products in both the warp and weft fibers in terms of breaking force. The test standard for this test is AS2001.2.13 Another test is elongation, which is important because it determines how much pre-stress you can put on the fabric and determines the difficulty involved with patterning the fabric as you must account for the stretch factor when patterning. When it comes to elongation, the lower the number the better as that means less patterning concerns and the ability to tension on-site without possibilities of fabric stretching once it conforms to the environment. The closer the numbers are between the warp and weft also determine dimensional stability in the knit pattern itself. The Monotec product has a 24.4% differential in warp and weft. Monofilament yarns unlike tape yarns, have memory and do return to their original shape and size if stretched. Monotec 370 is one of the few all round monofilament fabrics on the market today and can stretch over 50% under load (IE: snow) and still return to its original shape and size. The test standard for this test is AS2001.2.13 Then there is the tear resistance test, which is just as it states; the ability to resist tearing and nothing in the market today resists tearing like Monotec 370 Shade Cloth. Tear resistance is also measured in both the warp and weft directions. The test standard for this test is AS2001.2.13 A final test looks at bursting pressure and bursting force which is the ability to resist impact tested in two different methods and again nothing will outperform the Monotec 370 product. The test standard for this test is AS2001.2.13 There are other important standards relating to shade cloth such as flame retardancy where fire codes would be involved with the structure. Monotec is one of the few products available that passes multiple fire ratings and has a California State Fire Marshall Title 19 approval, this is important when permitting projects as fire codes are becoming more stringent on fabric structures. Finally, one of the most important factors to consider when evaluating shade cloth is the Warranty it carries. Monotec offers the best warranty in the industry and has an award-winning reputation internationally. The life of the shade cloth depends on the construction and more importantly the quality of the UV stabilizer in the material of the shade cloth. Because the shade cloth absorbs some of the UVR, a shade cloth with less UV stabilizer may break-down, or fail in sunlight faster than other fabrics. This is the primary reason Monotec offers a 15-year warranty against UV failure on its Non-FR shade cloths as well as a 10 year on the FR shade cloth as flame retardants offset UV stabilizers. If you want to learn more about Monotec 370, contact me, Dr. Shade at or call us at 877-959-7902, as we have the published data for most of our competitors and can provide you with the tools to compare Monotec to any of the competitors.

For most of us land pollution may not be the first thing on the mind every day, but consider this; due to land pollution, the earth loses approximately 25 billion tons of valuable top soil each year! Wow, now that gets my attention! Here’s another staggering statistic; it takes at least 500 years for 9.8 inches of top soil to regenerate! In addition, land pollution can cause skin problems, birth defects, respiratory issues and a number of other diseases. So here’s where I’m going with this; many industries who work with land polluting chemicals are under strict national guidelines to contain these chemicals and protect against land pollution. This means any type of chemical discharge or hazardous component must be contained and disposed of without polluting the landfill. Value Vinyls offers a proven Geomembrane Fabric, GTX-30 that contains and protects against the harshest chemicals with the assurance of no leaching into the ground. GTX-30 is a chemical resistant coated 30 oz. vinyl that has been developed to withstand long term exposure to an extensive range of harsh chemicals, including a number of harmful oils, acids and methane contaminates. GTX-30 is the optimum chemically resistant fabric for landfill pond liners, storm water runoff, municipal waste water ponds, containment, floor coverings, oil storage, and other applications where chemical containment is required. GTX-30 has also been engineered with superior physical strength, high durability, and welding and water repellant properties. GTX-30 is also puncture resistant and built with exceptional dimensional stability. Here’s the icing on the cake, GTX-30 carries a 7 year limited warranty to stand the test of time in the field. THE BOTTOM LINE; GTX-30 may be your containment solution! So if land polluting solutions are on your mind, I encourage you to take a look at GTX-30 and give this amazing product a try. For more information or to request a sample, click here or contact us at 877-716-6651

ARTICLE BY: Marc Shellshear / Dr. Shade Many different coatings, chemicals, and characteristics can be incorporated into fabrics to make them last longer, have better durability and different appearances. Soluna fabric is a 19-oz. waterproof fabric with a low sheen orange peel emboss. The interesting thing about this product is that it looks like an acrylic from a distance but has all the characteristics of a PVC. That means you can have the look and feel of acrylic but meet all the flame-retardancy requirements as the Soluna product passes ASTM E-84, NFPA-701, and CSFM – Title 19. Soluna has been used for awnings, canopies, and many other Industrial and Athletic applications because it is highly resistant to mildew and fungus and comes with a 5-year UV warranty. Value Vinyls has tested the product to over 1000 hours in our QUV testing machine with no fading. The orange peel emboss gives the product a unique matte finish and the acrylic lacquer adds to the overall durability of the product. The Soluna product is a unique alternative to traditional PVC and traditional Acrylic. As a fabricator in the industry for over 20 years, I view our Soluna product to be a truly unique product for your customer’s applications. The product is easily weldable using hot air, wedge, or RF/HF welding. Additionally, it has a great hand, is easy to fabricate and offers your customers a unique solution to an old problem of water repellant versus waterproof with Acrylic awning fabrics. Soluna is also easy for commercial permitting because of the multiple fire ratings. Contact myself at / 940-205-0434 or contact our Value Vinyls Sales Support team at / 877-716-6651 if you are interested in receiving more information regarding Soluna and samples.  

Value Vinyls is pleased to announce Marc Shellshear as our new Director of Sales – Structure Fabrics. Marc (aka Dr. Shade) is well known and highly regarded in the fabrics industry. Marc’s technical and sales experience offers over 20 years of expertise in the specialty textiles, architectural, engineering and construction industries. Previously, Marc was Vice President of Commercial Sales at Gale Pacific Inc. for nearly two years and Senior Vice President of Sales Administration at USA Shade & Fabric Structures for five years. Marc’s many notable professional projects include Nissan and Volkswagen Auto Plants in Tennessee, Texas Rangers Ballpark, Texas Motor Speedway, Walmart stores, Kmart stores, Tucson International Airport, George Bush International Airport-Houston as well as many medical and military facilities. His vast array of experience and achievements in the industry have earned him several positions of leadership and public business groups. This includes IFAI (Industrial Fabrics Association International) Education Committee Chairman, FSA (Fabric Structures Association) Current Board of Directors, Lifetime Master Fabric Craftsman Certification and Lifetime Industrial Fabric Manager Certification, among many others. With Marc’s in depth experience, he is sought after to speak at engagements such as structure, shadecloth and construction seminars and trade shows. Since 1984, Value Vinyls has been committed to offering quality industrial and structure fabrics by listening to our customers’ needs and providing a high level of service. We invite you to contact Marc for any structure or architectural fabric needs. He can be reached at or call 940-205-0434. We look forward to any request or challenge and are ready to help you with all your structure fabrics requirements.

From time to time we hear of a new “superbug” making the rounds and the concerns or difficulty with keeping these new strains of bacteria under control. Here in the United States, a superbug that has been of ongoing concern is MRSA (methicillin-resistant staphylococcus aureaus), with over 1% of the human population being carriers of this bacteria. MRSA is a form of staphylococcus (staph) infection and was first identified as such in 1968. This troubling form of bacteria is of major concern due to its strong resistance to the most common available antibiotic drugs. Although the fatality rate is low, there is much uncertainty as to why some people are more susceptible to severe, and while rare, sometimes fatal infections from MRSA. Statistics show that 1 in 100 children playing in a gym or 1 in 100 patients in a hospital carry and can easily spread the varying strains of staph including MRSA on commonly used surfaces like exercise mats, wall pads and medical beds. The good news is Value Vinyls can help minimize the spread of the varying staph bacterias with our selection of specialized products! We have extensive expertise and a strong emphasis on product development addressing the most common types of staph bacteria, including MRSA. Some of Value Vinyls’ most popular fabrics are treated with DuraGUARD or BACshield anti-fungal and anti-bacterial additives, ensuring these products exceed all safety testing standards. DuraGUARD is an EPA-registered additive that prevents 99.99% bacterial growth on a product, making the spread of MRSA or any other type staphylococcus nearly impossible to grow. Advantage Sportiva 18 oz. coated vinyl from Value Vinyls is a premium athletic product treated with DuraGUARD EPA-registered anti-microbial treatment. BACshield is an additive that is 99% staphylococcuus resistant, and provides the same amount of protection as DuraGUARD. Champion 14, Impact 16, Advantage MVP 18 and Suplex 24 athletic vinyl products are amongst the Value Vinyls products that include the high performing BACshield additive. It is important to ensure that products manufactured with vinyl for recreation centers, schools, hospitals, daycares, gymnasiums and other public spaces are made with the appropriate, certified vinyl to ensure consistent protection from MRSA and other harmful fungus and bacteria. Our very simple advice – don’t use truck tarp vinyls for fighting Staph! Pads and mats made from untreated truck tarp vinyl can be culprits for spreading MRSA to athletes, patients and kids who come in contact with them. Eliminate fear and ensure your customers of increased safety by using the DuraGUARD and BACshield treated vinyl fabrics from Value Vinyls for your important projects! For further and more detailed information on this very important safety matter, please click here to view and download the Value Vinyls Engineered Protection brochure. You can also contact our team on 877-716-6651.

It is in our nature to be aware and become educated on what can and cannot harm us. This is a process which we live by and encounter everyday. We all have concerns about what will harm us and the steps we must take to keep us from danger. Value Vinyls understands this and through our dedicated research & development we seek out the answers up front in providing material that is going to keep you safe and meet the most stringent safety standards. Do you want to know more? We have developed an informative educational brochure about our Engineered Protection Fabrics available to fabricators who build products for the athletic, medical and daycare industries. Value Vinyls has spent a great deal of research time in providing quality materials that will combat the growth of bacteria and mildew on our products that may come in contact with human skin. The Engineered Protection Brochure will provide to you a full understanding of how our Anti-Bacterial, Anti-Microbial and Anti-Mildew Treatments will combat some of the toughest staph growths including one of the toughest, the MRSA bacteria strain. If you would like your own copy of this valuable brochure, along with other materials about how you can protect your customer, simply click here and we will immediately mail it to you. You may also view a digital PDF version of our Engineered Protection Brochure. Contact our Sales Support team at 877-716-6651 or and we’ll answer any additional questions that you may have.

EverGRIP 22 is the Solution!

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I am amazed by the growth that is happening in the Fitness world! In fact, since the year 2000 Fitness has become a Very Healthy Industry! Get this…The number of health clubs in the United States has grown from nearly 16,000 in 2000 to over 36,000 in 2016, with an increase in members from 32.8 million to over 55 million in the same time. Now, really listen to this… what’s most exciting to us in the Athletic Fabric and Equipment industries is that in the U.S., sales of sports equipment are over 5 billion dollars annually! You can bet that every fitness club has exercise pieces that require a “skid-proof” fabric to prevent both the person working out and the exercise equipment itself from not slipping or skidding while in use. EverGRIP22 is the solution! Value Vinyls has the perfect material that will handle anti-skid issues! This 22-oz. material is an unbalanced, high-grip, anti-skid coated vinyl fabric with a diamond emboss. EverGRIP22 is used for exercise pieces such as Plyo-Boxes and the underside of Exercise and Gymnastics Mats. Built to take a Beating! Yes, this fabric is tough and it withstands great physical stress, while its Easy Handling is key to the fabricator. EverGRIP22 has a soft supple hand for easy fabrication, yet well-constructed with a 90/10 coating and a half-panama weave for high tear and tensile strength. Wow, now that’s having your cake and losing weight too! Value Vinyls has many types of Athletic Vinyl and Mesh Fabrics that range in application use for Indoor Gymnasium Curtains, Wall Pads, Punching Bags and Children’s Exercise Shapes to Outdoor Dummy Bags, Jumping Pads, Stadium Pads as well as Athletic Waterpark Facility Shade and Awning Fabrics. Consult our Sales Support Team at 866-799-5126 to learn more about this product or email us at

Did you know there are an estimated 15.5 million trucks operating on United States roads at any given time, logging over 400 billion miles each year? Some statistics I reviewed recently showed the United States economy depends on trucks to deliver nearly 70% of all freight transported annually, accounting for over $600 billion worth of manufactured and retail goods. That’s a lot of trucks on the road at any given time and fortunately for our industry, many of these trucks require truck tarps! Today, Value Vinyls supports many companies across the North America with an extensive range of products for truck tarp applications. These fabrics are developed to handle even the most extreme conditions, such as frigid cold or scorching hot temperatures, including ice and snow, sleet, rain, hail and even wind whip from open-road hauling. Taking all of these things into account, manufacturing suitable truck tarps can bring challenges to fabricators both in the fabric selection due to fabric performance characteristics and also in the fabrication process itself. With over 30 years of experience in truck tarp fabric development, the team at Value Vinyls has the expertise and knowledge to help you tackle these challenges and get the job done right. Let’s explore some of these challenges along with the Value Vinyls solutions. Delamination is a bad word! Truck Tarps are constantly handled and must be flexible to perform with constant folding, unfolding and maneuvering of the goods they are protecting. Without flexibility the material may be subject to delamination which is the breakdown and separation of the coating from the scrim, ultimately leading to the weakening of the fabric. This issue is common however, not with fabrics from Value Vinyls! Uniquely, all truck tarp fabrics from Value Vinyls have increased flexibility to help minimize delamination and ensure product longevity. Attacking cold-crack! Exposure to below freezing temperatures and even lower wind chill temperatures from wind exposure on the open road can lead to cold-crack and the rapid deterioration of the fabric. Value Vinyls understands the specialized fabric formulation required for truck tarp fabrics to withstand up to -30 degree temperatures from cold-crack and can assure you our products do this. Forget the mold and mildew! When exposed to moisture, truck tarp fabrics can form mold and mildew in the seams and crevices, which can lead to the fabric looking unsightly and longer-term deterioration of the fabric. With the inclusion of anti-fungus and anti-mildew additives to keep bacteria from growing, Value Vinyls truck tarp fabrics are high performing and will look great longer. Combating against UV fading and degradation! Truck Tarps are constantly exposed to the sun’s harmful UV rays. UV leads to color fade as well as degradation of the top coating. Value Vinyls’ formulation includes superior levels of UV treatment to ensure truck tarp fabrics withstand the sun’s harsh rays. Oh, how supple it is! One of the most common concerns for a fabricator is the fabric is hard to handle during the fabrication process. We understand the importance of this and our truck tarp fabric range includes products with a supple hand to make it easier when cutting, sewing or welding during manufacturing and installation. Of course the larger the truck tarp, the harder it will always be to manage! Value Vinyls’ material can be worked on in large yardage needs with no problems. When it comes to industrial vinyl and truck tarp fabrics that are exposed to all types of elements and extreme conditions, the team at Value Vinyls are your trusted advisors. Talk to our experienced team today and explore our extensive range of all-weather truck tarp fabric solutions! Consult our Sales Support Team at 866-799-5126 to learn more about this product or email us at

Company Culture at Value Vinyls

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Having great company culture is emerging in many businesses today. We at Value Vinyls take pride in having a fantastic company culture along with other traditional company benefits. Value Vinyls Senior and Executive Management take the initiative and promote a positive culture; setting up fun lunches, entertainment events, promoting fun and camaraderie, both outside of regular business hours as well as during company hours. The company always makes sure there are fun events planned on the calendar so everyone has something to look forward to. Additionally, we find that our teamwork methods ensure the entire team works better together on a day-to-day basis. The company culture is evident in the workplace with a very comfortable and motivating office environment. There’s a fully equipped kitchen where our V.V. team has been known to work together and cook entire meals to share. We offer a complete workout room that includes a treadmill, weights, elliptical machine and a stationary bike is available. Additionally, showers in the men’s and women’s bathrooms are also provided. You really can’t beat having team members who enjoy working with one another and display a pleasant and friendly demeanor! Good company culture makes all employees feel included and part of a family, never excluded or feeling as an outsider. Promoting this aspect of the company is important because it reflects on working with our most important priority every single day, our customers. We want qualified individuals who strive to work with a good attitude that will show through to our customers when dealing with them daily. We hope that you find this to be the case and invite you to let us know how we may help you even more with our products and services. Value Vinyls promotes a healthy company culture for the benefit of our people and our customers. That is something you can take to the bank and deposit as priceless!

For over 30 years, Value Vinyls has developed and supplied tent and structure fabrics for a wide range of uses. These proven laminated and coated vinyl materials have been specifically engineered to meet and exceed industry standards. Our products have been used at events from small to large by a number of leading manufacturers. The compliment we most frequently receive is the quality of our tent and structure materials. It allows for our customers’ tents to last longer, maintain their integrity, and result in more efficient operating costs. Using the best quality materials along with the best prices allows for the sustainable partnerships which have been maintained for years. Our quality tent vinyl and structure fabrics have been used in the Olympics, US Open Golf Tournament, a multitude of Susan G. Komen events, and even made an appearance in the Guinness Book of World Records! The collection consists of fabric for sidewalls, tent tops, and even fully blockout tents. By manufacturing with the highest quality raw materials we ensure the quality of our fabrics. All products exceed the industry’s strict Fire-Retardancy tests with NFPA-701. Anti-wicking yarns are used to eliminate mildew which can be unsafe and create a major eyesore on the end product. Blockout tent fabric reduces the transmission of light, which gives event tents and structures complete lighting control. This allows for the ultimate curated environment. Products with lacquered finishes allow for easy maintenance and are built with great strength properties. We take pride in our tent vinyl and structure fabrics being used in public events and spaces for people to enjoy. Let us show our price, quality, and service for you. Consult our Sales Support Team at 877-716-6651 to learn more about this product or email us at

Soluna is a custom-developed awning and structure vinyl that will not fade for over 1000 hours! The material is an excellent choice for awnings, canopies, and any space where there is a need for shade from the sun or architectural design. Soluna was developed by our Product Development team over the course of a couple years. It is manufactured to be structurally stable in all dimensions, making the CAD and design process worry-free. Its structural integrity and strength also means no unsightly sagging or puckering for Soluna structures. With tensile and tear strength that leads the industry, Soluna customers know that it will last for years outdoors. As well as meet all flame retardant standards: ATSM E-84 – Class A rating, CSFM Title 19, and NFPA-701. Knowing that Soluna is used in public spaces, both commercial and residential, its composition and integrity is of utmost importance to us. Therefore, it is fully anti-mildew, anti-bacterial, and waterproof. It is finished off with a topcoat of low-sheen lacquer that can be easily printed on as well as cleaned. Soluna comes with a 5 year no-fade UV Warranty, the best in the industry. It comes in 61” width and in 11 designer colors with custom colors always available upon request. Let us show our price, quality, and service for you. Consult our Sales Support Team at 877-716-6651 to learn more about this product or email us at

Mike Trout, Giancarlo Stanton, and Bryce Harper all make catches on walls made from our Soluna material. Pretty cool, huh? Soluna became a preferred choice for stadium walls and Major League Baseball facilities due to it being the best product that offers the best in durability, printability, workability, cost, and warranty. Starting with its construction, Soluna is engineered to be dimensionally stable which eliminates unsightly sagging or puckering. It is perfect for long outdoor durability with nearly indestructible tensile and tear strength. Given that Soluna is primarily used as a fixed wall pad in stadiums, it meets all California standards and flame retardant standards: engineered to meet CSFM Title 19, ATSM E-84 – Class A rating, and NFPA-701. Value Vinyls considers the safety and makeup of each of our products. Soluna is no different with its anti-mildew and anti-bacterial properties. This paired with waterproof construction gives our customers the peace of mind that Soluna will not mold, mildew, deteriorate, or become unsafe. Which is the utmost concern in public environments and stadiums. It is top-coated with a special low-sheen acrylic lacquer which allows for vivid printing. Detailed team logos, colors, and advertisements can be printed directly onto Soluna for endless customization options. Soluna comes with a 5 year no-fade UV Warranty, the best in the industry. It comes in 61” width and in 11 designer colors with custom colors always available upon request. Consult our Sales Support Team at 877-716-6651 to learn more about this product or email us at

The story of our CPSIA certified products at Value Vinyls reveals the nature of our mission as a company. A Challenge: In 2008, the Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act (CPSIA) was signed and enacted into the United States Public Law. The edict required new testing, requirements, and documentation regarding newly acceptable and legal levels of several substances commonly found in consumer products. This ranged from apparel, shoes, personal care, accessories, jewelry, bedding, toys, books, and even several products from Value Vinyls. Several of our staple products commonly used in Athletic applications for gym mats, wall pads, tackling dummies, wrestling mats were to be affected by this new measure. These are items used every day by thousands in public settings. Leading the industry: Fortunately, the emphasis that Value Vinyls puts on product development, innovation, and research allowed for us to be ahead of the announcement in 2007 and a true leader in our industry. In tune with our products and industry trends, we were able to re-engineer our fabrics to meet all CPSIA requirements sooner than anyone else in the industry. We educated our customers on the upcoming CPSIA requirements and gained countless others who remain with us to this day. All knowing and trusting that Value Vinyls will always be their product development experts. Our history develops the present: Since 2007 we have developed even more products that are CPSIA compliant. They can be seen across the country at schools, universities, gyms, and fields. Our CPSIA certified products have low lead levels. Well below 100 ppm, which guarantees its safety for children and assuring the lowest phthalate levels in the market. Included are treatments for anti-microbial protection against mildew and fungus. As well as fire retardant certifications that include NFPA-701 and ASTM E-84, while achieving Class A. Discover our CPSIA certified products: Impact 16 – Impact 19 – Champion MVP 14 – Advantage Sportiva 18 – Victory 18 – Suplex 24 Consult our Sales Support Team at 877-716-6651 to learn more about these products or email us at Additional Resources: CPSIA information for a manufacturer or business – CPSIA Business Education CPSIA – an Overview on Wikipedia

Value Vinyls is excited to announce the brand new “Candy Red” color addition to our line of Monotec shade cloth. Candy Red has been manufactured due to popular demand and features the industry’s only 15 year UV warranty. It further diversifies our line of Monotec shade cloth which now has 15 popular colors to fit any commercial or residential application. This vibrant and sharp Candy Red shade cloth fabric is a smart choice for apartment and retail developments, parks, water parks, playgrounds, and other public spaces. Monotec is developed to be an “install and forget” shade cloth that is resistant to stretching, sagging, or the need for re-tensioning. Once installed, shade structures utilizing Monotec shade cloth requires no maintenance! No other shade cloth material in the world has these capabilities. Through sun, wind, rain, hail, and the elements Monotec will always look as new and taut as the day it was installed. Why Red is significant: Red-colored fabrics, as a whole, are among our biggest challenges when developing products to withstand the sun’s UV rays, in addition to rain, wind, and other elements. The inherent nature of the color red is the reason why. It is the first color on the spectrum of visible light. Remember 8th grade science class and “ROY G BIV”? Red is the first and principal color that the sun seeks out and attracts to, thus resulting in a faster-paced fade than other colors. But Pro-Knit Industries from Australia (where the sun calls the shots) have painstakingly perfected the formula for a striking and bold Candy Red shade cloth that will last for years. It’s all about the construction: Monotec is manufactured out of 100% round monofilament yarn. Other lesser quality shade cloths use cheaper means which possess only 50% mono-filament and 50% mono-tape yarns. This is why you often see ripped, sagging, faded, and unsightly shade structures. Additionally, given the shape of the yarn it is less likely to build up dirt or debris and its close lock-stitch construction is difficult to penetrate, even preventing vandalism! The quality of Monotec is backed by 10 and 15 year warranties, CSFM-19 certification, and is available in widths up to 128”. Consult our Sales Support Team at 877-716-6651 to learn more about this product or email us at

Quite simply, our Monotec 370 Shade Cloth is the best in the world. Not only does it come with 10 and 15 year warranties but the engineering and build quality is the true reason for its performance.   During a round of historic storms, hail, and damage in April, one Monotec 370 customer saw the benefits of the material first-hand. As seen in the pictures, the shade structure caught tennis ball-sized hail and prevented major damage for a parking lot full of cars.   The best part is that due to the quality construction of Monotec 370, ie: its monofilament yarns, these shade structures simply popped right back up and re-tensioned itself. Any other shade cloth in the world would have ripped, bursted, and certainly required considerable maintenance and replacing.   Monotec 370 from Value Vinyls, Inc. is used in parking lots, car dealerships, playgrounds, parks, water parks, stadiums and other outdoor applications. It comes in a variety of colors, fire-retardant, and industry-leading 10 and 15 year warranties.   Monotec 370 Shadecloth protects from the sun, protects from the hail, and it protects our customers’ pocketbooks.

DirectTex® Flag Supreme (OTDFK03) printable textile is a 100% knitted transparent polyester. It is suited to be used for indoor and outdoor dye sublimation textiles. This 2.95 oz. printable textile fabric has been developed to provide nearly 100% print through, resulting in vibrant eye-catching colors for frontlit illumination. DirectTex® Flag Supreme printable dye sublimation textiles are ideal for feather flags as well as any type of frontlit display system. DirectTex® Flag Supreme is available up to 199” wide (5 meters), which minimizes the need to seam the fabric.

What are the benefits to training? Athletes train to perform at their peak levels for a game or for an epic event, like the Olympics. They hope all of the sacrifices made by getting up at the crack of dawn, foregoing the Krispy Kreme doughnuts, and doing one more weight repetition will have huge payoffs when it counts. Those payoffs could be a coveted endorsement with a beverage company, having a shiny medal around one’s chest, or simply delivering the best performance when it’s most needed. While we don’t sign anyone up for addicting sports-drink contracts or place a gold medal on one’s muscled neck, we do want new employees to deliver their best performance early on in the game. So, we use the “Onboarding” tool. Onboarding is fancy term to describe the training process a new employee will experience during his/her first few months in our company. Our training program involves formal meetings, personal tutoring, self-directed publications, and mentoring. As addressed with any training program, it gets adjusted based on the needs of the person or the circumstances. At present, our training program is going through a major makeover so that we can fully and more quickly equip our new team members to perform at a higher level. Our goal is to turn this enhanced performance into improved customer service. Without excellent customer service, there is no team member or even a team for that matter. Anybody remember the team, “New York Yanks”? I made my point.

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Trends in Fabric Printing Technology

Monday, 16 March 2015 by

There is an article in a past issue of Fabric Graphics that gives a good overview of trends that have been prevalent in the fabric printing technology sector. In particular, dye-sublimation for soft signage has been on the rise since 2012. The link below will take you to the article. Value Vinyls carries a full line of textiles for soft signage and trade show display applications that are developed for dye-sublimation inks. Read this article for more on the very latest trends in fabric printing technology.

PrintTex® Artist Light (OTUBLW05) printable textiles is a 100% woven polyester fabric that has been developed for display systems. This 5.46 oz. material is formulated with a universal coating that can be printed on using solvent or UV ink on the coated side, and dye-sublimation on the uncoated side. PrintTex® Artist light is an improved artist product with excellent print quality. Available up to 199” wide (5 meters), PrintTex® Artist light is a leader among printable textiles, ideal for a full range of indoor or short-term outdoor applications such as display systems, exhibition signs and banners, backlit displays, and graphic art reproduction. Check out our complete line of printable textiles.

DirectTex® Artist Backlite is the premiere choice for dye sublimation textiles. Constructed as a 100% woven polyester fabric that accepts brilliant colors for indoor and short-term outdoor backlit applications, this 7.37 oz. material is designed with a special ribbed back for excellent light diffusion. DirectTex® Artist Backlite is ideal for backlit displays, exhibition signs and banners, display systems, and projection. Available up to 5 meters / 199” widths. DirectTex® dye sublimation textiles are primarily formulated for dye sublimation inks and are produced with consistency using the highest quality materials. All dye sublimation textiles from Value Vinyls pass the North American fire retardant standards of NFPA-701, while most of our textiles are suited for SEG (Silicone Edge Graphics) framing systems. In addition to other styles of DirectTex® textile fabrics, Value Vinyls also stocks a complete line of PrintTex® fabrics for printers that require UV, solvent, or eco-solvent ink. Check out our complete line of PONGS textile fabrics by clicking on this link. PONGS Textiles Value Vinyls is a strategic partner with PONGS Technical Textiles, a German based producer of fabrics and textiles since 1910. With a focus on product innovation, technical know-how, and quality based processes, PONGS is a perfect pairing with Value Vinyls, who are experts in market analysis, inventory management, logistics, and first rate sales support since 1984.

Value Vinyls, known for providing over 30 years of quality media products and first class service to the Sign Media market, is excited to introduce a full line of printable textiles by PONGS. As an example, here are 3 new and unique fabrics that are designed for dye-sublimation, solvent, eco-solvent, and UV inks to help expand your offering! DirectTex® Stretch Twill soft A 100% woven polyester twill fabric that has been developed with a smooth soft satin hand that does stretch. This 3.39 oz material utilizes a coating with nearly no white cracking, making it ideal for high end retail backlit applications, exhibitions, curtains, and theatrical applications. DirectTex® Artist Backlite A 100% woven polyester fabric that is perfect for indoor and short term outdoor applications. This 7.37 oz. material is designed with a special ribbed back for excellent light diffusion, making it ideal for backlit displays, as well as exhibitions, and rear projection screens. PrintTex® Artist light A 100% woven polyester fabric that has been developed for display systems. This 5.46 oz material is formulated with a universal coating that accepts solvent and UV inks on the coated side and dye-sublimation ink on the uncoated side. It is a great choice for many indoor and short-term outdoor applications such as display systems, exhibitions, backlit, and graphic arts. For more information, contact us at 877-716-6651 or email

Pongs Textiles has been a World Wide Leader in Printable Textiles for over 100 Years. Value Vinyls is proud to announce a strategic partnership has been aligned with Germany based Pongs Technical Textiles. Pongs, a major producer of innovative fabrics and textiles since 1910, is world re-known as a leading manufacturer of superior quality textiles. Pongs has built a strong reputation for producing high quality textile fabrics with the strictest quality control processes in place. Their fined tuned operation and highly monitored production process has provided a highly consistent quality in every roll of fabric produced. Pongs printable textile line for Sign & Graphics is known for its color consistency in ink printability resulting in outstanding vibrant images. Pongs offers a full range of textile fabrics for printing beautiful banners, displays, flags, tradeshow displays, theatrical, art reprographic and wall coverings. All of Pongs fabrics meet test standards required for the appropriate application. Let us show you what quality and consistency is all about! Visit us at the SGIA Expo – Booth #3319, where we will be introducing the entire line. Click here for a free pass to the 2014 SGIA Expo, courtesy of Value Vinyls.   Watch this informative video about Pongs Textiles to learn more.

Randy Busch, Owner & President of Value Vinyls, accepts the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge in addition to making a generous donation, allowing his entire staff to douse with him ice cold water!

Monotec FR 370 is California State Fire Marshall Registered, which means this premium shade cloth is the first and only Australian-made, heavy duty shade cloth fabric to achieve CSFM registration. Rest assured, Fire Marshalls can look in their database to find that Monotec 370 FR meets compliancy! Monotec 370 FR has the following Documented Certifications and Compliancy: CSFM Title 19 Registered / Industry Standard for FR Rating NFPA-701 Compliant / National Standard for FR Rating ASTM E-84 Class A Compliant / FR Requirement when Material is Adjoined to a Permanent Building Monotec 370 is 100% Australian made with a pure HDPE round monofilament yarn construction, making it the strongest shade cloth in the industry and less prone to damage from punctures or weather elements. This quality shade cloth will not require re-tensioning like the typical monofilament tape yarn construction. Monotec is recyclable and has high UV resistance, eliminating degradation. Monotec FR 370 comes with a 10 Year UV Warranty (15 years for non-FR colors), the best offered in the industry! Don’t waste time waiting for CSFM testing. Value Vinyls is your supply source for all your CSFM shade structure and shade sail projects this summer. Click here for more information on Monotec FR 370 or visit our Contact Us page.

Who We Employ Benefits Our Customers

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Does it make much difference who we employ as employees in our family-owned, small business? Granted, one could argue both sides of the coin. You may have the advantage of having someone on your side to get a project done more quickly simply because you share some DNA code. The flip side is that others may potentially feel like the invisible middle child from time to time. But, for us at Value Vinyls, the reality is quite different. It doesn’t matter that our Warehouse Manager has a genetic link to our Operations Manager. It doesn’t matter that our Accounting Manager may be several trees removed from our Purchasing Specialist. What does matter is that we’re all family here. Employee adoption into Value Vinyls is not automatic like childbirth, however. Each person becomes a part of our unit by demonstrating from the get-go that others are important, no matter who they are. As a family, we know that every one of our customers is a part of our extended family and therefore valuable to us. This includes the young one just getting his land legs, and the mature one who has created his own “home” but still stays connected to us by regular visits. Some say you can’t choose your family, but I disagree. No, I’m not talking genetic engineering cafeteria-style where you choose the eye color, hair color, and whether this person will possess the musical chops to be the next Tony Bennett or not. I’m talking about choosing the right person for the right role here so that our extended family, our valuable customers, wants to remain connected to us indefinitely. No doubt, you’ve heard of the water cooler stories of how hiring the wrong person leaves its enduring mark near and far. But hiring the right person just increases the joy of everyone connected. We hope to place and leave our customers in a state of contentment by way of our employees. Submitted by: Kim Salas CEBS, Human Resources / Office Manager

We just completed our 3rd year of providing the vinyl fabric for one of our tent structure manufacturers who created the tent structure used at the NY Frieze Art Fair. Initially made in 2012, this structure broke the Guinness Book of World Records for the largest single unit marquee at over 225,000 square feet, which is still in great shape today.

When we launched the new Value Vinyls website in April 2013, our goal was to create an accurate and well organized resource tool and visual aid that provides our customers, salesmen, and employees with a detailed and user friendly experience. Since Value Vinyls has such a diverse line of vinyl fabrics for numerous markets, the information had to be presented in a manner that was clean, easy to read, and easy to search for products. With that in mind, we created an efficient navigation system to showcase our products by Application, Market, and Product Name, which caters to everyone’s search methods. And, each of these search methods are divided into 2 categories: Industrial Vinyl Fabrics and printable Sign Media Vinyl Fabrics, which makes it easy for our customers to quickly narrow their search criteria. When searching by Applications, you’re presented with icons by Market to act as visual aids during your search. Each of the icons is quickly identifiable and when you click on an icon that interests you, you’re taken to a page that displays all products that are suited for the application represented by the icon. As well, each of the icons are already familiar to our customers and employees because they are seen on each individual product page and are used in your binders, spec sheets, distributor cards, and catalogs. Searching by Markets presents a general list of all items that are either recommended or suitable for a certain market. This search method, much like searching by Applications, is perfect for new customers who are not yet familiar with our products by brand name. If you’re a returning customer, or you’ve heard about one of our products by name, like Advantage MVP 18, then searching by Product Name will be the most expedient option for you. This search feature allows the user to view the complete line of an entire name brand, like Advantage, which is especially useful for finding your favorite multi-purpose fabrics. In addition to these useful search methods, we also provide the ability to type in your search by using the search window at the upper right side of all pages. Whether you’re searching by Product Name, Market, or Application, our advanced viewers will find this direct search method to be very useful. To optimize our website to the fullest, we also added a very specific navigation system in the footer (bottom). This site map is presented in its entirety and acts as a powerful search engine to help you find every application, market, and product, as well as paper literature, marketing pieces, and contact information. Once the navigation system was designed, the very next thing we wanted to focus on was making it easy for our customers to contact us, whether to ask questions or place an order. With this in mind, we created a Contact page that makes it very easy to find all of our employees. Customers are also encouraged to use the form to request product information. Once the customer sends the form, it goes right to our friendly customer service team who will call you back as soon as possible. Since 1984, Value Vinyls has worked hard to make our customers happy with our continuous improvements to customer service. Our new website was created with you in mind and we are very pleased with the positive feedback we’ve received from happy customers and vendors. Written by: Matt Leach, Design + IT

There are four basic performance factors that need to be balanced to engineer the right product for the right application. Tongue Tear, Tensile Strength, Adhesion, and Abrasion. While these are not the only performance factors that we use to measure the strength of a product, they are the most common. We test for each of these parameters using a defined set of guidelines set by ASTM International (formally known as the American Society for Testing and Materials). Each of these factors, when manufacturing a product can impact one another. For example; if you want to maximize the tear or tensile strength of a product (based on the fabric construction used to meet the product’s manufacturing style, weight, use, etc…) a lower heat setting is required during manufacturing. A low heat setting will result in a lower adhesion result. This also applies if you reverse the process to increase adhesion with more heat, which will impact the integrity of the base fabric lowering your tear or tensile strength. Value Vinyls has a full department dedicated to the proper engineering of each and every product to maximize the quality, value, and strength best suited for each application. Below is a breakdown to further clarify each of these performance factors. Tongue Tear (ASTM D2261) is a measurement of the tearing strength of a textile fabric with a single rip (tongue) procedure that is performed by cutting the edge of the fabric before initiating the test. The results are measured in pound force at a failing point of both the warp and weft direction of the fabric. Tensile Strength (ASTM D5034) is a measurement of breaking strength used to determine the pound force within one inch in both the warp and weft direction of the fabric. The test is performed after cutting the center of the fabric (simulating a puncture or tear in the material). Adhesion (ASTM D751) is a measure measurement of the strength of the film or coating to the base fabric measured typically in pound force by two inches. Two strips of fabric are adhered face to back either by weld or by adhesive. There are other performance criteria that also fall within the ASTM D751 standard. Abrasion (ASTM D3884) is a test designed to evaluate the rate in which the coating will abrade or wear away on the face or backside of a material. It uses a rotary platform in conjunction with two abrasive stone wheels with the addition of a determined amount of weight. This test is measured in cycles in a range of styles depending on the purpose of the test (whether by a set number of cycles; at the point the base fabric begins to show; at the point the base fabric is fully exposed; etc.) If you have more questions, or need further clarity on these or any other performance factors, we welcome the inquiry. Josh Propp Business Development Manager 800-406-8845, x 108

Since 1984, Value Vinyls has taken utmost pride in our knowledgeable and friendly Customer Service team, which includes 3 Sales Support Specialists, 2 Account Managers, a Sample Room Coordinator, and a team of National Salesmen throughout the United States and Canada. We believe that the customer’s happiness after the sale is just as important as the sale itself, so we place great emphasis on providing superior sales support and unmatched customer service. Every one of our employees is motivated to make a difference. We strive to hear about how helpful and efficient our staff is and make it a constant goal to provide the very best service in the industry. While our national sales team supports our customers at the local level, our Sales Support Specialists, who are just a phone call away, maintain valuable business relationships with those same customers. When you make Value Vinyls your PVC vinyl supplier, you will be the benefactor of multiple levels of support, assuring your experiences with us will be professional and expedient. “Having worked in Sales Support and Sales for over 30 years, I realized that satisfied customers are less likely to seek an alternative supplier. So, we work hard to keep our customers happy!” – Julie Berry, Operations Manager & Regional Sales Manager at Value Vinyls

Several tents being used at Super Bowl XLVIII include Value Vinyls Advantage Tent Top 18 oz. Vinyl, used to make the tent translucent tops. Advantage Tent Top 18 is a durable heavy duty coated vinyl formulated with the necessary treatments to endure adverse weather conditions including high winds. For more information, contact us here at Value Vinyls.

New Testing Equipment – Q-Sun Xenon

Thursday, 09 January 2014 by

Don’t guess when you can test. Value Vinyls Inc. is pleased to announce the addition of a Q-Sun Xenon test chamber which is the ultimate research & development and quality control tool for testing materials that are exposed to direct sunlight, sunlight through window glass or indoor lighting. The chamber also features a water spraying unit that creates exceptional realism with controllable condensation and humidity that is critical for testing many materials. With the Q-Sun xenon test chamber we will be able to simulate the damage caused by full-spectrum light, temperature, and moisture that occurs over time in just a few days or weeks. The addition of this chamber will allow us to review materials for fading, yellowing, crazing, cracking and hazing. Testing to standards like ASTM G155-98 or ISO11341 will allow us to bring our customers the most stable products for their outdoor and indoor environments. Contributors: James Doherty

Value Vinyls displayed a variety of Sign Media vinyl & Industrial fabrics, some that were printable at the combined 2013 IFAI / SGIA Expos held at the Orlando Convention Center in Orlando, FL Oct 23rd – 25th. With almost 30 years of experience in selling industrial and printable sign media vinyl, one of our objectives at the Expo was to show print company attendees how they may diversify their print applications by introducing them to other markets they may be capable of entering with their printing expertise. Products on display included Soluna, a 19 ounce printable awning material as well as our complete line of printable Frontlit, Backlit, Blockout, and Mesh Sign Media fabrics designed to create eye catching graphics. In addition, our Monotec 370 Commercial Shadecloth, designed for fixed shade structures, was displayed as well as our SIOEN Truck Side Curtain and Sliding Systems materials. All of our well established product lines are used for projects in a variety of markets including; Athletic, Dock Seal, Event Tent, Industrial Mesh, Inflatables, Medical, Clears, Oil Boom, Specialty, and Truck Tarp, which were also available to see. Value Vinyls entire sales force and internal sales staff, which are focused on developing face-to-face customer relationships and supporting customer needs, were available to discuss our diverse line of products and answer any questions our visitors may have had. If you stopped by the booth, we thank you for your time and interest. If you did not make it to the show and have an interest in any of our products, feel free to contact us here on our web or call us at 800- 406-8845. Fred Propp Marketing Manager

Advantage MVP Lacquered Gloss 18 is our signature 18 oz. coated formula and is well equipped to withstand great physical stress. This material has been treated on the face side with a lacquered finish for slip making it an excellent material for inflatable bounce house slides. This material also has low lead levels assuring it 100% safe for kids.

Advantage Sportiva is our signature 18 oz. coated formula, a durable, multi-purpose athletic vinyl engineered with low lead levels well below 100 ppm, which guarantees it is safe for kids. This product is also C.P.S.I.A. Certified and 7P compliant, assuring the lowest phthalate levels in the market and no detection of DnHP. Treated with DuraGUARD, an EPA registered anti-microbial agent, this product is protected against mildew and fungus, and also has fire retardant certification for NFPA-701, Cal 117, and ASTM E-84, while achieving Class A.

Engineered for shade structures and sails, Monotec 370 Shadecloth is manufactured using 100% round monofilament HDPE yarns, making it the strongest shade cloth available in the market today. Due to its increased strength and stability, as well as the positive memory in monofilament yarn, shade structures and shade sails can be installed and forgotten, with no re-tensioning or cleaning required. Made in Australia, Monotec 370 is resistant to punctures and UV rays and is supported by the industry’s only 15 year warranty for UV degradation. It comes in 14 vibrant colors, most of which are fire retardant.

Soluna For Awnings and Canopies

Wednesday, 05 June 2013 by

Soluna is a 19 oz. waterproof fabric with a low sheen orange peel emboss. This material is excellent for awnings, canopies, or any commercial area where there is a need for shade from the sun and extending product life. Soluna can also be used for Industrial and Athletic applications. Soluna is highly resistant to mildew and fungus including UV additives for exception resistance to UV rays. This material is dimensionally stable to eliminate sagging. Additionally Soluna has superior tensile and tear strength for long outdoor durability and is flame resistant to the standards of ASTM E-84. It has an acrylic lacquer on the front side which allows for easy printing.

Rio 6 oz. Event Mesh can be used for printing on one side. It is compatible with UV and solvent inks and is ideal for both indoor and outdoor mesh signs. This product was designed to be fire retardant, meeting the rigorous standards of NFPA-701 where additional fire code jurisdiction is required. This lightweight yet durable mesh has a 70% openness, which allows for maximum audio clarity. The vivid white points help to create eye-catching graphics that can be seen from afar. Additionally, we offer this mesh in wide widths of 126 inches and 196 inches.