Value Vinyls Offering a Full Line of SIOEN Fluomax Structure Fabrics

Hello, Dr. Shade here. I’m excited to introduce to you the SIOEN line of high quality Fluomax Structural Fabrics. As Director of Structure Fabric Sales for Value Vinyls, I work closely with SIOEN and know the quality of their products and the way they stand behind them. I’m proud to say that Value Vinyls is the Sole North American Supplier of SIOEN Structure Fabrics as well as other SIOEN Industrial Style Fabrics.

SIOEN is the world market leader in coated technical textiles and technical apparel, protecting people and their belongings. SIOEN manufactures a broad range of tension structure fabrics and competes on a global scale against the largest tension structure fabric manufacturers. SIOEN is the world’s largest coater with completely integrated vertical manufacturing from start to finish.

SIOEN manufactures coated fabrics ranging from 650 GSM to 1600 GSM, offering three types of coating options used to protect the fabrics from UV. One option is a PVDF Fluomax coating, applied on the top side of the fabric and Acrylic coating on the bottom. This formulation is referred to as “E” finish, and is designated after the fabric type. Another option is referred to as the “F” finish, and this option has a PVDF Fluomax coating applied on the top and bottom of the fabric. A third option is the “T” finish, which Titanium PVDF Fluomax is applied on the top and a PVDF Fluomax is coating on the bottom.

The primary difference in these three options is the lifespan and durability of the fabric. While the “E” finish is a 10-year warranty the “F” and “T” options are 15 and 20-year options respectfully.

All SIOEN line tension structure fabrics are designated by a “T” at the front of the product number and the E, F, or T coating type at the end. These SIOEN Fluomax Fabrics use a yarn with an Anti-wicking treatment to guard against wicking, making them more stable and assuring a longer life span.

Sioen fabrics are the world standard and line up against many of the most well-known fabric brands here in the United States, as well as compete against, and lead the charge on a global scale.

Value Vinyls can provide full technical detail of the SIOEN line along with a comparison against the most popular brand of tension structure fabrics, including but not limited to the material, mechanical, and physical properties.

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