According to State of the Industry, an article published in April 2017 by Industrial Fabrics Association International’s (IFAI) In Tents, sales for fabricators in the U.S. and Canada continues to be highly favorable. The Stats • Specifically, sales were 24.1 million square yards in 2016, up 4-percent over 2015. • Sales were projected to be 25.3 million square yards in 2017, up 5-percent over 2016. • The party and event rental market grew 6-percent in 2016 • Was expected to grow by 7-percent in 2017. Pressure on Fabricators These numbers are impressive. Growth, however, is usually bitter-sweet. With more demand on tent fabricators there is increased pressure to produce quality products in less time and without quality issues. Reputations are at stake to provide a quality product, which is why it’s important to us that you can rely on your tent fabrics. Our #1 Tip to Success: Connect with a Partner • Reputation matters A reputable partner who is available to work with you to ensure your fabric meets your needs can make all the difference. We strive to be that partner. • Service counts Our qualified customer service specialists can reroute your delivery, explain fabric limitations and benefits, provide specs, and answer questions about fabrication. • Developed and tested fabrics make the difference Our tent fabric collection was formulated and tested by our in-house product development team to ensure our vinyl fabric provides consistent quality, withstands constant handling, and endures adverse weather conditions while remaining supple for fabrication. Having been a successful industrial fabrics supplier to fabricators for decades, we deeply understand the value of performance and reputation. We’ll partner with you and guard your reputation as our own. Our tent fabrics are high in quality, range from 13 oz. to 22 oz. and offer various features. What are your tent, sidewall or semi-permanent structure needs? Call us at 877-716-6651!

Hello, Dr. Shade here! I’m excited this month to talk about one of my passions, IFAI, which for those of you that don’t know is the Industrial Fabrics Association International. IFAI is a volunteer based organization that brings together everyone in the Industrial Fabrics Markets. IFAI allows the members to share ideas with their peers and connect with industry suppliers, as well as other manufacturers. IFAI has divisions that allow members to focus with their specific industry peers. The divisions are Advanced Textiles, Awnings, Equipment, Fabric Graphics, Fabric Structures, Geosynthetics, Makers, Marine, Military, Narrow Fabrics, Tarp, Tent, U.S. Industrial Fabrics, IFAI Canada, IFAI Japan, and IFAI New Zealand. Once a year we have a tradeshow known as the IFAI Expo, typical attendance over the past few years has been around 5,000 attendees. I serve as the Chairman of the Fabric Structures Association and have been involved with IFAI for over 20 years. I can tell you it is a great organization run by some immensely talented people and the key is the volunteers from within the industry that make the association work. This year’s expo was well attended and we had a variety of education sessions on Tuesday that were all very well attended. I attended several sessions, the first session was on Shade Sails, presented by Tim Kohler, Lawrence Fabric Structures, and Tim Akes, with MPanel Software Solutions. Tim Kohler presented several case studies while Tim Akes explained how software was used throughout the process to develop the designs, patterning, and bills of material. The next session was about how codes and permitting impact your business. It was put on by Ron Astley, State of New Hampshire Department of Safety and Paul Armstrong, whom is an independent consultant and ex building official. The attendance was high and having a building and fire official in the same room much less presenting together was a great session. It was great to hear both perceptions from the standpoint of fire safety and building safety explaining some of the codes and how they affect our industry. I spoke on how to work with architects and was joined by Mary Gilmore, AIA of Campo Architects based in New Orleans. Mary spoke on things to look for when calling and presenting to architects. Mary’s key takeaway was knowing your audience and tailoring your presentation to meet your audience’s needs. I did a short presentation on how to present the AIA CE approved Fabric Structures Association presentation on Fabric Structures, where to begin. The next education session was on Market Opportunities for Shade. This session was presented by Daniel W. McElmurray, Landscape Architect for the City of New Orleans and Margueritte Ramos, President of ShadeFLA. This session had several case studies presented by Mr. McElmurray on several New Orleans park projects. Mrs. Ramos’s presentation was on some of the latest technology in shade structures as well as unique solutions to shading. The final presentation for the day was Mass to Membrane presented by Nick Goldsmith, FAIA LEED AP. I must admit Nick is one of my favorite speakers and he also has a new book coming out about tensile membrane structures. Nick spoke on the history and future of fabric structures. He had several projects he used as examples as FTL, Nick’s firm has done hundreds of technically challenging projects all over the world. There were many social networking opportunities including the PAMA (Professional Awning Manufacturers Association) Pub Night which was a huge success. The Expo Plus reception, IFAI Past Chairman’s Reception/Volunteer Leadership Recognition Dinner, Shade Sail demonstration on the show floor, Opening Reception, Keynote Sessions, and Student Design Challenge winners. If you didn’t make the Expo in New Orleans this past year be sure to join us next year in Dallas, TX. Value Vinyls will be displaying at Booth #1221. IFAI will be partnering with CAMX (Composites and Advanced Materials Expo) and the dates are October 15th through October 18th, 2018. We are here to work with you on your next project, with some of the best people in the business on our team. For more information contact us at the following link Value Vinyls, or call us at 877-716-6651. Should you have any questions about the IFAI show and the meetings that were held, feel free to contact me, Marc Shellshear / AKA; Dr. Shade at 940-205-0434. Thanks for your time! Marc  

Established in 1984 Value Vinyls was founded to provide industrial vinyl primarily to the truck tarp industry. Since the beginning we have been leading the industry with our customizable and affordable lines of stocked transportation fabric inventory. Value Vinyls offers a wide range of widths, weights, colors and treatments using top quality raw materials to achieve the highest results for tear, abrasion, and coating adhesion. Our extensive line of truck tarp fabrics offer durability and are extremely flexible, even in cold vigorous weather conditions. Value Vinyls over the years have broadened our offerings to provide cutting edge fabrics in other industries. We have earned a strong reputation as a leader in the Athletics and Dock Seal Industries. Our athletic fabrics are engineered to endure rigorous indoor and outdoor usage with a wide variety of materials designed to meet today’s tough application requirements. A full variety of treatment options to meet all safety standards, including FR, Anti-Mildew and Low to No Lead options are available. Rounding out our extensive athletics line includes a broad range of colors, embosses, widths, weights and put ups, with custom options to meet your specific color, width, put up requirements, etc. Value Vinyls’ industry recognized Dock Seal materials are built with strength and outdoor durability in mind. We offer a full range of products engineered for wear plates, lightweight and heavy weight dock seals and dock shelters. Our high Value Vinyls will be exhibiting these product lines along with other industrial, structural and shade fabrics at the 2017 IFAI EXPO / Booth #1127 to be held Sept. 27th – 29th at the Ernest N. Morial Convention Center in New Orleans. Are You Planning to Attend Looking for Particular Fabrics? Contact us now and we’ll do our homework to provide you fabric options and present them to you at the show. You can reach out to us by calling 877-716-6651 or email us at or click on this Contact Us Link and leave a note. We are ready to help you with your fabric needs! Complimentary 3-Day Show Floor Pass – Please enjoy this invitation, compliments of Value Vinyls at Booth #1127.Use this VIP CODE: EP306 Enter the VIP Code at the beginning of the registration form to redeem free show floor admission. You will have the option to upgrade your registration if you are interested in any additional events or education. Register at:

If you are in the market for Shadecloth or Awning fabrics, Value Vinyls has the right choice for you to consider. Value Vinyls is setting the Industry Standard with Monotec 370 Shadecloth. This award winning, globally recognized fabric is uniquely engineered using 100% round monofilament yarn and has earned the reputation as the strongest shadecloth available in the industry today. Monotec Shadecloth is especially resilient in extreme high wind events such as hurricanes and tornadoes. This durable fabric has been engineered to hold its shape and will not stretch, requiring no manual re-tensioning. This makes the product highly favorable to engineers and architects when considering resistance to devastating weather conditions. Monotec shadecloth meets all FR standards including CSFM, Title 19 and is available in 15 popular colors. For more info on Monotec, click here. In addition, Value Vinyls offers Soluna awning material, a 19 oz. waterproof fabric with a low sheen orange peel emboss. Soluna is excellent for awnings, canopies or can be used for any commercial area where there is a need for shade from the sun. This durable material has superior tensile & tear strength, is flame resistant and has exceeded 1000 hours of UV testing, making Soluna one of the most UV resistant awning materials in the industry. Soluna comes in 11 popular colors. Both of these shade style product lines will be on exhibit at the 2017 IFAI Expo, Value Vinyls booth #1127, to be held September 27th – 29th at the Ernest N. Morial Convention Center in New Orleans. Are You Planning to Attend IFAI? Contact us and we’ll do our homework to provide you fabric options and present them to you at the show. You can reach out to us by calling 877-716-6651, emailing us at or leaving us a note. We are ready to help you with your fabric needs! Complimentary 3-Day Show Floor Pass – Please enjoy this invitation, compliments of Value Vinyls at Booth #1127.Use this VIP CODE: EP306 Enter the VIP Code at the beginning of the registration form to redeem free show floor admission. You will have the option to upgrade your registration if you are interested in any additional events or education. Register at:  

You could say that Tammy Glover, in many ways, is the face of Value Vinyls. Her infectious smile and bright personality have been radiant at the company for the last 22 years! Yes, that is not a typo… Tammy has been an important part of Value Vinyls for close to a quarter century and believe me, she knows her vinyl! We have customers that refuse to visit with anyone else! Tammy is a Texas girl born and raised here all her life. She has a golden heart and is always doing something special for someone in the office. Be it making a cake for a birthday or handing out candy at her desk to anyone who walks by, she is always making someone smile. Tammy knows much about the internal mechanics of Value Vinyls and is always ready to lend a hand where needed. She has held down a number of positions but her love for our valued customers has always brought her back to customer service and she wears the title of Sales Support Specialist with honor and conviction. Known for her customer relations, Tammy strives to make certain every order she handles, large or small gets the individual attention to detail and expediant results that will meet her expectations. Everything from what the customer orders to providing the best shipment options available are a priority. Tammy goes above and beyond to arrive at a positive outcome. For example, one day our phones went down and she immediately jumped into action to offer up her cell phone number so we could reroute all our incoming calls to her phone. She was one busy girl that day until the phones were fixed but did it with a smile and was happy to assist in an otherwise bad situation. We are certainly miles ahead of the curve with Tammy being a loyal and important part of Value Vinyls, but to be honest, every customer that crosses paths with Tammy is getting the Gold Star Treatment! Of course it goes without saying that our Customer Service Specialists whom she works with, Kimber Easthom and Amanda Bledsoe have only benefited from their working relationships and are assured to provide that same Gold Star Treatment!

Kevin Boeck is Value Vinyls’ Warehouse Manager with a tenacious attitude that gives him the drive and persistence to always work toward perfection. Kevin’s background comes from the Oilfield industry where providing support was a critical on-time requirement and the demand was now to avoid costly shut downs. He knows the meaning of urgent and the importance of time. Kevin manages 6 distribution warehouses for Value Vinyls across the US and Canada, representing over 250,000 square feet of space and exceeding well over one million yards of stocked inventory. Boeck is quick to comment on this task saying, “we can handle the necessary demands our customers have come to expect”. With specializing in expedited shipment and timely deliveries, Kevin has a work background of on-time results, making his work ethic the right formula for meeting if not exceeding customer service demands. Kevin has the same expectations from his warehouse support team. As Kevin puts it, “Striving to meet our customer’s needs is priority one with how my team and I conduct business and with my team’s attention to detail, our customers will benefit from the correct stock being available and the accurate filling of orders”. Kevin also has a strong history of working directly with trucking companies, negotiating the best possible rates which allows Value Vinyls to provide the least expense in freight costs, yet highest quality service when shipping with us. Known for his outstanding customer relations, Kevin is always available to visit directly with our valued customers. We are proud to have Kevin Boeck as our Warehouse Manager, a true Pro for Value Vinyls!

EverGRIP 22 is the Solution!

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I am amazed by the growth that is happening in the Fitness world! In fact, since the year 2000 Fitness has become a Very Healthy Industry! Get this…The number of health clubs in the United States has grown from nearly 16,000 in 2000 to over 36,000 in 2016, with an increase in members from 32.8 million to over 55 million in the same time. Now, really listen to this… what’s most exciting to us in the Athletic Fabric and Equipment industries is that in the U.S., sales of sports equipment are over 5 billion dollars annually! You can bet that every fitness club has exercise pieces that require a “skid-proof” fabric to prevent both the person working out and the exercise equipment itself from not slipping or skidding while in use. EverGRIP22 is the solution! Value Vinyls has the perfect material that will handle anti-skid issues! This 22-oz. material is an unbalanced, high-grip, anti-skid coated vinyl fabric with a diamond emboss. EverGRIP22 is used for exercise pieces such as Plyo-Boxes and the underside of Exercise and Gymnastics Mats. Built to take a Beating! Yes, this fabric is tough and it withstands great physical stress, while its Easy Handling is key to the fabricator. EverGRIP22 has a soft supple hand for easy fabrication, yet well-constructed with a 90/10 coating and a half-panama weave for high tear and tensile strength. Wow, now that’s having your cake and losing weight too! Value Vinyls has many types of Athletic Vinyl and Mesh Fabrics that range in application use for Indoor Gymnasium Curtains, Wall Pads, Punching Bags and Children’s Exercise Shapes to Outdoor Dummy Bags, Jumping Pads, Stadium Pads as well as Athletic Waterpark Facility Shade and Awning Fabrics. Consult our Sales Support Team at 877-716-6651 to learn more about this product or email us at

Did you know there are an estimated 15.5 million trucks operating on United States roads at any given time, logging over 400 billion miles each year? Some statistics I reviewed recently showed the United States economy depends on trucks to deliver nearly 70% of all freight transported annually, accounting for over $600 billion worth of manufactured and retail goods. That’s a lot of trucks on the road at any given time and fortunately for our industry, many of these trucks require truck tarps! Today, Value Vinyls supports many companies across the North America with an extensive range of products for truck tarp applications. These fabrics are developed to handle even the most extreme conditions, such as frigid cold or scorching hot temperatures, including ice and snow, sleet, rain, hail and even wind whip from open-road hauling. Taking all of these things into account, manufacturing suitable truck tarps can bring challenges to fabricators both in the fabric selection due to fabric performance characteristics and also in the fabrication process itself. With over 30 years of experience in truck tarp fabric development, the team at Value Vinyls has the expertise and knowledge to help you tackle these challenges and get the job done right. Let’s explore some of these challenges along with the Value Vinyls solutions. Delamination is a bad word! Truck Tarps are constantly handled and must be flexible to perform with constant folding, unfolding and maneuvering of the goods they are protecting. Without flexibility the material may be subject to delamination which is the breakdown and separation of the coating from the scrim, ultimately leading to the weakening of the fabric. This issue is common however, not with fabrics from Value Vinyls! Uniquely, all truck tarp fabrics from Value Vinyls have increased flexibility to help minimize delamination and ensure product longevity. Attacking cold-crack! Exposure to below freezing temperatures and even lower wind chill temperatures from wind exposure on the open road can lead to cold-crack and the rapid deterioration of the fabric. Value Vinyls understands the specialized fabric formulation required for truck tarp fabrics to withstand up to -30 degree temperatures from cold-crack and can assure you our products do this. Forget the mold and mildew! When exposed to moisture, truck tarp fabrics can form mold and mildew in the seams and crevices, which can lead to the fabric looking unsightly and longer-term deterioration of the fabric. With the inclusion of anti-fungus and anti-mildew additives to keep bacteria from growing, Value Vinyls truck tarp fabrics are high performing and will look great longer. Combating against UV fading and degradation! Truck Tarps are constantly exposed to the sun’s harmful UV rays. UV leads to color fade as well as degradation of the top coating. Value Vinyls’ formulation includes superior levels of UV treatment to ensure truck tarp fabrics withstand the sun’s harsh rays. Oh, how supple it is! One of the most common concerns for a fabricator is the fabric is hard to handle during the fabrication process. We understand the importance of this and our truck tarp fabric range includes products with a supple hand to make it easier when cutting, sewing or welding during manufacturing and installation. Of course the larger the truck tarp, the harder it will always be to manage! Value Vinyls’ material can be worked on in large yardage needs with no problems. When it comes to industrial vinyl and truck tarp fabrics that are exposed to all types of elements and extreme conditions, the team at Value Vinyls are your trusted advisors. Talk to our experienced team today and explore our extensive range of all-weather truck tarp fabric solutions! Consult our Sales Support Team at 866-799-5126 to learn more about this product or email us at

Company Culture at Value Vinyls

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Having great company culture is emerging in many businesses today. We at Value Vinyls take pride in having a fantastic company culture along with other traditional company benefits. Value Vinyls Senior and Executive Management take the initiative and promote a positive culture; setting up fun lunches, entertainment events, promoting fun and camaraderie, both outside of regular business hours as well as during company hours. The company always makes sure there are fun events planned on the calendar so everyone has something to look forward to. Additionally, we find that our teamwork methods ensure the entire team works better together on a day-to-day basis. The company culture is evident in the workplace with a very comfortable and motivating office environment. There’s a fully equipped kitchen where our V.V. team has been known to work together and cook entire meals to share. We offer a complete workout room that includes a treadmill, weights, elliptical machine and a stationary bike is available. Additionally, showers in the men’s and women’s bathrooms are also provided. You really can’t beat having team members who enjoy working with one another and display a pleasant and friendly demeanor! Good company culture makes all employees feel included and part of a family, never excluded or feeling as an outsider. Promoting this aspect of the company is important because it reflects on working with our most important priority every single day, our customers. We want qualified individuals who strive to work with a good attitude that will show through to our customers when dealing with them daily. We hope that you find this to be the case and invite you to let us know how we may help you even more with our products and services. Value Vinyls promotes a healthy company culture for the benefit of our people and our customers. That is something you can take to the bank and deposit as priceless!

For over 30 years, Value Vinyls has developed and supplied tent and structure fabrics for a wide range of uses. These proven laminated and coated vinyl materials have been specifically engineered to meet and exceed industry standards. Our products have been used at events from small to large by a number of leading manufacturers. The compliment we most frequently receive is the quality of our tent and structure materials. It allows for our customers’ tents to last longer, maintain their integrity, and result in more efficient operating costs. Using the best quality materials along with the best prices allows for the sustainable partnerships which have been maintained for years. Our quality tent vinyl and structure fabrics have been used in the Olympics, US Open Golf Tournament, a multitude of Susan G. Komen events, and even made an appearance in the Guinness Book of World Records! The collection consists of fabric for sidewalls, tent tops, and even fully blockout tents. By manufacturing with the highest quality raw materials we ensure the quality of our fabrics. All products exceed the industry’s strict Fire-Retardancy tests with NFPA-701. Anti-wicking yarns are used to eliminate mildew which can be unsafe and create a major eyesore on the end product. Blockout tent fabric reduces the transmission of light, which gives event tents and structures complete lighting control. This allows for the ultimate curated environment. Products with lacquered finishes allow for easy maintenance and are built with great strength properties. We take pride in our tent vinyl and structure fabrics being used in public events and spaces for people to enjoy. Let us show our price, quality, and service for you. Consult our Sales Support Team at 877-716-6651 to learn more about this product or email us at

Soluna is a custom-developed awning and structure vinyl that will not fade for over 1000 hours! The material is an excellent choice for awnings, canopies, and any space where there is a need for shade from the sun or architectural design. Soluna was developed by our Product Development team over the course of a couple years. It is manufactured to be structurally stable in all dimensions, making the CAD and design process worry-free. Its structural integrity and strength also means no unsightly sagging or puckering for Soluna structures. With tensile and tear strength that leads the industry, Soluna customers know that it will last for years outdoors. As well as meet all flame retardant standards: ATSM E-84 – Class A rating, CSFM Title 19, and NFPA-701. Knowing that Soluna is used in public spaces, both commercial and residential, its composition and integrity is of utmost importance to us. Therefore, it is fully anti-mildew, anti-bacterial, and waterproof. It is finished off with a topcoat of low-sheen lacquer that can be easily printed on as well as cleaned. Soluna comes with a 5 year no-fade UV Warranty, the best in the industry. It comes in 61” width and in 11 designer colors with custom colors always available upon request. Let us show our price, quality, and service for you. Consult our Sales Support Team at 877-716-6651 to learn more about this product or email us at

Mike Trout, Giancarlo Stanton, and Bryce Harper all make catches on walls made from our Soluna material. Pretty cool, huh? Soluna became a preferred choice for stadium walls and Major League Baseball facilities due to it being the best product that offers the best in durability, printability, workability, cost, and warranty. Starting with its construction, Soluna is engineered to be dimensionally stable which eliminates unsightly sagging or puckering. It is perfect for long outdoor durability with nearly indestructible tensile and tear strength. Given that Soluna is primarily used as a fixed wall pad in stadiums, it meets all California standards and flame retardant standards: engineered to meet CSFM Title 19, ATSM E-84 – Class A rating, and NFPA-701. Value Vinyls considers the safety and makeup of each of our products. Soluna is no different with its anti-mildew and anti-bacterial properties. This paired with waterproof construction gives our customers the peace of mind that Soluna will not mold, mildew, deteriorate, or become unsafe. Which is the utmost concern in public environments and stadiums. It is top-coated with a special low-sheen acrylic lacquer which allows for vivid printing. Detailed team logos, colors, and advertisements can be printed directly onto Soluna for endless customization options. Soluna comes with a 5 year no-fade UV Warranty, the best in the industry. It comes in 61” width and in 11 designer colors with custom colors always available upon request. Consult our Sales Support Team at 877-716-6651 to learn more about this product or email us at

Value Vinyls is excited to announce the brand new “Candy Red” color addition to our line of Monotec shade cloth. Candy Red has been manufactured due to popular demand and features the industry’s only 15 year UV warranty. It further diversifies our line of Monotec shade cloth which now has 15 popular colors to fit any commercial or residential application. This vibrant and sharp Candy Red shade cloth fabric is a smart choice for apartment and retail developments, parks, water parks, playgrounds, and other public spaces. Monotec is developed to be an “install and forget” shade cloth that is resistant to stretching, sagging, or the need for re-tensioning. Once installed, shade structures utilizing Monotec shade cloth requires no maintenance! No other shade cloth material in the world has these capabilities. Through sun, wind, rain, hail, and the elements Monotec will always look as new and taut as the day it was installed. Why Red is significant: Red-colored fabrics, as a whole, are among our biggest challenges when developing products to withstand the sun’s UV rays, in addition to rain, wind, and other elements. The inherent nature of the color red is the reason why. It is the first color on the spectrum of visible light. Remember 8th grade science class and “ROY G BIV”? Red is the first and principal color that the sun seeks out and attracts to, thus resulting in a faster-paced fade than other colors. But Pro-Knit Industries from Australia (where the sun calls the shots) have painstakingly perfected the formula for a striking and bold Candy Red shade cloth that will last for years. It’s all about the construction: Monotec is manufactured out of 100% round monofilament yarn. Other lesser quality shade cloths use cheaper means which possess only 50% mono-filament and 50% mono-tape yarns. This is why you often see ripped, sagging, faded, and unsightly shade structures. Additionally, given the shape of the yarn it is less likely to build up dirt or debris and its close lock-stitch construction is difficult to penetrate, even preventing vandalism! The quality of Monotec is backed by 10 and 15 year warranties, CSFM-19 certification, and is available in widths up to 128”. Consult our Sales Support Team at 877-716-6651 to learn more about this product or email us at

Since 1984, Value Vinyls has taken utmost pride in our knowledgeable and friendly Customer Service team, which includes 3 Sales Support Specialists, 2 Account Managers, a Sample Room Coordinator, and a team of National Salesmen throughout the United States and Canada. We believe that the customer’s happiness after the sale is just as important as the sale itself, so we place great emphasis on providing superior sales support and unmatched customer service. Every one of our employees is motivated to make a difference. We strive to hear about how helpful and efficient our staff is and make it a constant goal to provide the very best service in the industry. While our national sales team supports our customers at the local level, our Sales Support Specialists, who are just a phone call away, maintain valuable business relationships with those same customers. When you make Value Vinyls your PVC vinyl supplier, you will be the benefactor of multiple levels of support, assuring your experiences with us will be professional and expedient. “Having worked in Sales Support and Sales for over 30 years, I realized that satisfied customers are less likely to seek an alternative supplier. So, we work hard to keep our customers happy!” – Julie Berry, Operations Manager & Regional Sales Manager at Value Vinyls

Value Vinyls displayed a variety of Sign Media vinyl & Industrial fabrics, some that were printable at the combined 2013 IFAI / SGIA Expos held at the Orlando Convention Center in Orlando, FL Oct 23rd – 25th. With almost 30 years of experience in selling industrial and printable sign media vinyl, one of our objectives at the Expo was to show print company attendees how they may diversify their print applications by introducing them to other markets they may be capable of entering with their printing expertise. Products on display included Soluna, a 19 ounce printable awning material as well as our complete line of printable Frontlit, Backlit, Blockout, and Mesh Sign Media fabrics designed to create eye catching graphics. In addition, our Monotec 370 Commercial Shadecloth, designed for fixed shade structures, was displayed as well as our SIOEN Truck Side Curtain and Sliding Systems materials. All of our well established product lines are used for projects in a variety of markets including; Athletic, Dock Seal, Event Tent, Industrial Mesh, Inflatables, Medical, Clears, Oil Boom, Specialty, and Truck Tarp, which were also available to see. Value Vinyls entire sales force and internal sales staff, which are focused on developing face-to-face customer relationships and supporting customer needs, were available to discuss our diverse line of products and answer any questions our visitors may have had. If you stopped by the booth, we thank you for your time and interest. If you did not make it to the show and have an interest in any of our products, feel free to contact us here on our web or call us at 800- 406-8845. Fred Propp Marketing Manager