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Printable Textiles:
DirectTex Dye-Sublimation Textiles
PrintTex UV & Eco-Solvent Textiles

Value Vinyls offers the industry standards for rugged heavy duty fabrics for truck tarps. They are built strong and treated against UV rays and mildew to handle adverse weather conditions and physical wear and tear. Along with its tremendous strength, it remains flexible and durable in cold temperatures, and is ideal for the long haul.

 Printable backlit billboard vinyl using Ad-Flex 15 oz. Coated PVC for Backlit Vinyl Banners from Value VinylsOutdoor Backlit Box using Rio PET 13 oz. Backlit PVC Vinyl Banners from Value Vinyls

Our Line of DirectTex Dye Sublimation Printable Textiles:
DirectTex® Artist Backlite Dye Sublimation Textiles
DirectTex® Flag Supreme Dye Sublimation Textiles
DirectTex® Softimage 240 Dye Sublimation Textiles
DirectTex® Softimage contrast Dye Sublimation Textiles
DirectTex® Stretch Twill Soft Dye Sublimation Textiles