V2 Research and Development

Product Development

V2 Laboratory is run by a team of experts who make sure our products are fit to perform at 100%, even during the roughest of situations.


  • Josh Propp has been with Value Vinyls for over 15 years. Through his tenure he has traveled countless hours and fielded thousands of calls to know everything there is to know about our products and their customization abilities.
  • Mary Ann Scott is the Quality Assurance Manager in the Product Development department. She assures our products perform properly and according to standard.
  • Sapphira Stamps, our Product Development Coordinator, assists in customer communications, coordinating operations, and facilitating organization within the department.
Product Development At Its Finest

Value Vinyls offers advanced in-house testing, product customization, and slitting services all done through our product development program known as V2. V2 is the brainchild of Josh Propp, the Senior Technical and Development Manager. He wanted to provide more efficient lab studies by advancing our testing equipment, to enhance our slitting capabilities, and to provide more product development customization.


V2 Laboratory

Our Testing Capabilities

V2 Laboratory is fully equipped with the machines necessary to perform an array of tests including:

  • Abrasion
  • Adhesion
  • Dyne
  • Fade
  • Puncture (Ball and Screwdriver)
  • Tensile Strength
  • Tongue Tear
  • UV


Abrasion testing is performed to determine the fabric’s resistance to scraping. Based on the number of cycles and pressure applied, we can ascertain whether the fabric is abrasion resistant or more susceptible to damage.


Our microscopic camera allows us to see in detail the finer elements within our products. We can also observe any flaws in yarn, weave, or coating so that we may continue to improve our products and be leaders in quality.


We are capable of performing puncture tests; Ball and Screwdriver. The different methods determine the fabric’s resistance to sharp edged and rounded or dull objects.


The Spectrometer is used to determine color values. Light is transmitted through a prism and the light is then differed, allowing us to determine the color of the material.

Tear Strength

We are able to measure 2 different types of tear; Tongue and Trapezoid. The materials are cut and mounted into the machine to determine tear strength according to their pre-slit state.

UV Degradation

The QUV machine accelerates weathering due to rain and sun. It allows us to determine the durability and elemental resistance of our fabrics.

Build Your Own
Interested in a customized solution?

We customize solutions for our clients using our extensive product knowledge, in-house testing center and world-wide logistics network.



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