New 18 oz. Tent Vinyl

We are pleased to announce a new and exciting addition to our existing line of tent fabrics. With strength, durability, and fabrication in mind, StructureTec 18 surpasses other comparable tent fabrics.


This supple, lightweight fabric was built with fabrication in mind.

Easy Cleaning

It’s lacquered finish virtually eliminates the need for maintenance.


This product is stocked in a 61 inch width with the capability of going up to a 126 inch width.


StructureTec 18 meets NFPA-701 fire-retardant standards. It is also treated to protect against mildew and UV.


Built specifically for tent structures such as tent tops, tent sidewalls and semi-permanent structures.


The woven construction along with its lacquered finish ensures that it can withstand adverse weather conditions. Put it to the test.

This strong, premium 18-ounce knife coated vinyl was developed for ease of fabrication and to withstand severe weather conditions. For a consistently beautiful presentation, StructureTec 18 has an acrylic lacquer simplifying maintenance and cleaning.

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Marc Shellshear

Marc Shellshear is a structure fabrics expert, known as Dr. Shade within the industry. He has been with Value Vinyls for two years as the Director of Sales – Structure Fabrics, specializing in structure fabric research, construction, and sales.



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