Water Recreation PVC Vinyl for Inflatable Boats, Inflatable Rafts, Inflatable Docks, and Inflatable Surfboards

Value Vinyls is the premiere supplier of coated industrial PVC for water recreation PVC vinyl for inflatable boats, inflatable rafts, inflatable docks, and inflatable surfboards. Our water recreation PVC vinyl is designed to be durable and comes in many popular colors used at water parks. These products are treated against UV and mildew, assuring your products can withstand adverse weather conditions. Additionally, our water recreation PVC vinyls are cross compatible in either chlorinated or salt water.


Learn more about our Inflatable Vinyl Applications & Products:

Water Park Inflatable Tubes PVC Vinyl Inflatable Surfboard PVC Vinyl
 Inflatable Tubes
and Boats


Our Line of Vinyl for Inflatables:
StayFloat 80 PVC Vinyl for Inflatable Boats
AquaFloat 32 Water Park Inflatable Tubes PVC Vinyl
Advantage MVP 18 Inflatable Bounce House PVC